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The Best Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The Best Diet Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss and sustaining an ideal body weight is very important to lead and enjoy a long and healthy life. However, due to fast, stressful, and hectic lifestyle, many are not able to follow regular meal timings and a healthy lifestyle due to which, overweight and obesity sets in and it further lead to other problems like Blood Pressure, Diabetes, kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems, and so on. Hence, here our senior weight loss dietitian - come up with some simple and easy tips to be followed, which will not only fit into your hectic schedule to be followed easily but will also help you sustain your Ideal body weight and good health. With no more late! come along with me in this weight loss journey and be part of our healthcare family ! Top Sutras for weight loss We hear many saying that we are taking a lot of effort but are unable to get the results. So here are the major don’ts to be followed for good results.

  • Intake of junk foods.

  • Irregular eating habits

  • Consuming too many liquid foods

  • Taking stress

  • Following a crash diet or starving

  • Copying and following other's diet and lifestyle (Society or social media) without understanding your body type.

  • Making too many changes at once in your eating habits for a short period and then switching back to normal

  • Taking medications and supplements for weight loss to get instant results.

Reasons behind overweight and its effects: All the reasons for overweight look the same. It all has the same aspects such as:

  • Unhealthy habits

  • Eating large portions of junk food

  • Getting addicted to various dangerous habits like drinking, smoking, drugs, etc.

  • Leading a stress full life

  • Variety of medical conditions and health history

Watch this Video Secrets for the fastest way to lose weight: These weight loss tactics have been scientifically proven and verified by renewed researches and scientists around the globe. 1. Expose yourself to morning sunlight: Researchers from Northwest University found people with more exposure to the early morning sunlight have many weight loss benefits than compared ordinary people. How? As per the researchers from Northwest University and the University of Alberta in Canada, the body stores fats in subcutaneous white adipose tissues (scWAT) beneath the skin in the form of calories.

  • When exposed to the sun, scWAT cells shrink under the influence of its blue light which helps in fat loss and weight loss. Besides, it also provides a good amount of Vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption and helps build strong bones.

2. Perfect time to order your coffee: Adding a cup of coffee, especially black coffee to your daily routine adds up to 16% metabolic rate to your life. How? Coffee is filled with caffeine and all over the world, it is consumed in various types like psychoactive substance and also included in a variety of fat burning foods to lose weight. Coffee metabolizes fat tissues and burns fat. 3. Choose the right water bottles: More water will lead to a more healthy life. But, drinking water from cheap plastics will lead to an increase in BPA which results in obesity among adults. Use BPA free bottles to stay healthy. How? Water increases the calories amount you burn known as “resting energy expenditure” which helps in weight loss. Drink 2 liters of water daily will show results faster than other sources. Refilling cheap plastic bottles with water and consuming it increases BPA consumption which leads to obesity. 4. Detoxify your body early morning: The Journal of Clinical Biochemistry conducted a study on mice, mice that drank lemon water are more likely to gain less weight compared to normal ones. Have a glass of warm water with lime Or A bowl full of whole seasonal fruits every morning. It will help your body to remove all the toxins and cleanse it completely, which in turn, boosts weight loss. How? Lemon, a citrus fruit rich in Vitamin C, increases body metabolism rate when consumed on an empty stomach mixed in warm water. 5. Time to go for whole grains: Choose more whole grain contained foods like bread. This fills your stomach with rich components even when eaten in small portions. How? Whole grains decrease calories, fills stomach hunger faster, increases metabolism and all these factors effects on weight loss 6. Swap from sweet sauces to the hot sauce: According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, hot pepper sauce adds fewer calories along with spicing up your food and boosts weight loss. How? Capsaicin is the component present in the peppers which are used to make the hot sauce. This burns the energy by raising the heat which effectively cuts more calories and burns the fat. 7. Limit salt and sugar intake: Excess salt intake leads to water retention which leads to altered body composition, pH balance and leads to a gain in weight. Whereas, excess intake of refined sugars increases the calorie count, raises blood sugar levels, body fat levels and leads to weight gain. Limiting salt and sugar intake helps maintain body fluid and pH levels maintain blood sugar levels in control and help sustain ideal weight. How? Salt regulates the body fluids and our body needs enough amount of salt for the proper functionality. If you limit the salt intake the body fluids will train your brain to a normal function of the body and decreases the fluid or water content in the body which further reduces weight. 8. Stop ready-made protein shakes: The ready-made protein shakes, but they might not help in the fastest way to lose weight. Instead, go for plant powders which are natural, healthy and helps you in weight-loss goals. How? These ready-made protein shakes have various side effects and many claims that they destroy internal body organs when consumed too much. Hence, more than the real benefits one has significant chances of facing a variety of major and minor health issues. 9.De-stress yourself: Unnecessary stress due to various reasons in this hectic life is increasing weight among many people. Stay cool and peace to avoid stress and maintain a healthy weight. By various exercises like laughing out loud, yoga, meditation, workouts and so on. How? Stress increases the burden to your brains and many people ending up in excess eating. Stress eating is an emotional eating type which results in a rapid increase in excess calories. Stress also produces hormone cortisol which promotes body fat and makes difficulty in weight loss. 10. Early to bed: You all learned about Early to bed early to rise proverb. Just follow it in your real life to be away from various health problems including overweight. As per the recent study held in the UK, people going to bed early have less weight consumption than late night sleep. How? Sleep prevents insulin resistance, fights cravings and helps in taking low-calorie foods at night. Poor sleep increases appetite, increases Body mass index (BMI), and decreases the metabolism rate and results in obesity or overweight. 11. Have enough sleep: An average healthy person should sleep for at least 7-8 hours in a day to help the body function well. Constant Lack of sleep alters the body’s metabolism, temperature, heart rate, hormonal levels, etc. which can lead to obesity, and other health problems. Hence, always have enough sleep as the rest is equally important to stay healthy and fit. 12. Limit your alcohol: Limit your Alcohol consumption to one glass per day. Excess drinking not only leads to an increase in weight but also destroys your internal functionality. How? According to the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), drinking alcohol stops fat burn, higher the kilojoules, hunger levels are increased, and also calorie intake is doubled which all leads to overweight and obesity. 13. Eat with no music: Having your meals with any form of music or TV will increase your appetite and you end eating more than usual. This further leads to weight gain without realizing the reason. How? Music raises hunger and many people eat more than actually, they could as the concentration distracts which further leads to weight gain and cannot determine the real reasons. 14. Choose your foods wisely: Taking more amount of junk food or ready-made food will increase Bad Cholesterol in your body and increases your weight rapidly. How? Foods have health benefits and affect your body in good and bad ways. Choosing foods wisely will not only help in weight loss but improves body functionality, increases metabolism, controls weight and have infinite reasons. Always opt for healthy, fresh, organic and natural foods. 15. Have healthy snacks: If you want to have a healthy life, keep your snacks natural, healthy and fresh. A journal from the American Heart Association says that half a cup of Almonds every day will reduce belly and leg fat. How? Instead of choosing an oily, deep-fried, saturated, packed snack, get yourself loaded with fresh snacks like sprouts, salads, dry fruits, etc. which helps in weight loss. 16. Add-up vitamins and proteins: Choose your foods containing full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, calcium and other necessary components to avoid bad cholesterol formation in your body. How? Vitamins, proteins and other essential components and nutrients will boost metabolism, reduce the appetite, regulates hormones for weight loss. 17.Have small frequent meals: Eating small frequent meals every 2-3 hours in a day is very important as it boosts metabolism, prevents overeating and hence, excess calorie storage in the body (in the form of fats) and improves Digestion. This should include 3 main meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) and 3 small in-between snack meals which should mainly compose of fruits, low-calorie healthy snacks, salads and so on. This will boost one's weight loss without starving and nourish the body with nutrients. 18.The habit of exercises: To meet daily needs and work pressure one must be active all day. Overweight leads to obesity and makes you dull and lazy throughout the day. Start your day with awe full of weight loss exercises, yoga, meditation and other body activities to maintain your body weight. How? Any sort of exercise or yoga or another form of workout burns your fat, excess calories, body energy and helps in weight reduction. If these are followed every day without any gap then the results can be observed easily. 19. Avoid alcohol and smoking: Alcohol is difficult to digest and is high in calories. Alcohol consumption over a period of times affects the liver and hence, affects various metabolic processes which can lead to obesity and related health problems. On the other hand, smoking a cigarette leads to nicotine intake, which affects the lungs very badly over the long run. It affects its oxygen carrying capacity which alters metabolic processes, leading to obesity and various other health haz